What Our Members Say

Every one of us has a story and it is our stories that make us who we are.
For almost NINE years we have been fortunate to share a fitness journey with many amazing women.
Be inspired by the stories our members have shared about their journey.

We all have a story and every one of them is amazing. Perhaps yours could be the next one. If you would like to be part of our membership community, you can learn more by clicking here.

Meet Pauline

I spent the next 15 months “sitting” usually reading or playing on a device. My body ached, and I knew I needed to do something to get myself mobile again.

angela member since

Meet Angela

Despite multiple knee surgeries, a hip replacement AND a pandemic, Angela has reclaimed her love of hiking AND her life.


Meet Mandy

Mandy was scared that her life felt like a sea saw, about to lean one way or the other. She knew she needed balance.

Diana cover

Meet Diana

After a major health scare, Diana knew she had a choice to make

Susan and Women's Fitness Adventures

Meet Susan

“It’s worth putting in the time for me, because it improves my overall wellbeing and makes me better to be around”

Linda's summit hike

Meet Linda

How forming new social circles ensures fitness is no longer a chore

Sandys Story

Meet Sandy

From the first day, I felt part of the family

Janet and Women's Fitness Adventures

Meet Janet

Now I have more energy & that gives me more enthusiasm

Helen's Story with Women's Fitness Adventures

Meet Helen

I’d never really had the courage or inclination go climb a mountain or bushwalk by myself

Heather & Women's Fitness Adventures

Meet Heather

I needed a tribe

Sharon's story with Women's Fitness Adventures

Meet Sharon

Sharon shares when her stable life plan skewed dramatically here is what she did..

Sharon's story with Women's Fitness Adventures

Meet Sharon

Sharon shares how improvements to her health, fitness and mental state have convinced her to keep going

Meet Anne

Anne shares how Support & friendship has given me confidence to step outside my comfort zone.

Carol with Women's Fitness Adventures

Meet Carol

Carol shares how she has become mentally and physically stronger

Judy's story of fitness

Meet Judy

Judy shares how she regained her fitness and lost weight along the way

Meet Debby

Debby was at a crossroad in life. She asked herself a few questions.

Meet Julie

Being part of a community of great women has made such a difference to my life.

Meet Margaret

With retirement on the way, Margaret went looking for “that something”.


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer shares how she wanted something more for her fitness and overall wellbeing, that wasn’t a gym.

Sue Richards 3

Meet Sue

Sue was trying hard to put the pieces of her new life together

Josie's story with Women's Fitness Adventures

Meet Josie

My Health and Fitness is the best it’s ever been.