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Have you ever wanted to try something new but never had the courage? Have you ever wanted to go somewhere but not had the group to do it with? Have you ever felt that you needed a personal challenge – be it big or small? We did! That’s why we created Women’s Fitness Adventures.

We are all about having a go and having a goal. With a purpose in mind, we can do anything. From short day walks around the city, to longer hikes in the bush, adventure activities such as kayaking, indoor rockclimbing and standup paddleboarding, to weekends away and week long adventures in Australia and overseas, we have an activity to meet your needs. Aside from our local Brisbane walks, all of our trips use either expert local guides or specialist instructors in their field. Sometimes our partners, family or friends don’t want to or are unable to participate in the same activities you want to, for various reasons. So we developed a community for women who seek travel, adventure and exercise all bundled into one. Check out some of our adventures to see what we are about and subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date with all of our adventures.


Yvonne Shepherd is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as the Founder and CEO of Women's Fitness Adventures
Founder of Women's Fitness Adventures

Yvonne Shepherd

I started Women’s Fitness Adventures in late 2013 when I felt the need to take a break from a Corporate job. Being active and having a love of the outdoors led to 12 friends and I hiking the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria. Over the course of a week, we challenged ourselves physically, mentally and socially and had an absolute ball! You can read more about my story on Outdoor Women’s Alliance.

It’s important to challenge ourselves as we get older, to face our fears and push our boundaries a little further everyday. The goal is to embrace life and make it larger each and every day. Now, instead of the Corporate attire, you will find me in casual gear either hiking, biking, or taking a walk through my hometown of Brisbane. In addition to my love of fitness, I have two teenagers and a husband. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Menofitness Trainer, Certified Pelvic Floor provider and hold a Remote Area First Aid Certificate.

I do hope we can meet on an adventure soon!

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