Meet our leader Jane MacDonald
Jane MacDonald

C.R.E.W Leader and Chief Operating Officer

I am Jane, a gypsy at heart and an intrepid traveller. I am into adventures, boots n’ all!

My first introduction to Women’s Fitness Adventures was whilst organising a mother/ daughter event. I was on the Women’s Fitness Adventure’s web site and was very excited to see so many adventures so I signed up!

As a lover of the outdoors I am always up for an adventure and a challenge.

The world is there to be explored and enjoyed. Although some days are more challenging than others the attachment to the outdoors simply makes for beautiful moments.

As a child I grew up travelling. My dad was in the army and that meant moving! As an adult I have lived in England, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and The U.S.A. I moved to Malaysia with a suitcase and a job and returned 15 years later with a husband, 2 children and a shipping container. Yes, I collected a few things on the way!

Over the years I have trekked to Everest Base Camp, built houses in Cambodia, white water rafted, sea kayaked and travelled to many destinations around the world.  I am always trying to improve my wilderness skill set!

Always active and wanting to escape to the outdoors, Women’s Fitness Adventures has given me that escape. Even if it is only for a morning to connect back to basics of life, it is always wonderful. I come home a happy mum with lots to talk about. The house may be a little messier but no one notices.

I am excited to be both a C.R.E.W Leader and the Chief Operating Officer for Women’s Fitness Adventures. I always look forward to meeting and trekking with the wonderful women who are also up for a little adventure – rain or shine , there is always beauty and always fun.

See you outdoors, Jane

Tricia Riordan

C.R.E.W Leader

Hi, I’m Trish

I am a lover of the mountains, the ocean and all the wondrous nature that lies in-between.

Being in nature allows me to let go of the craziness of a busy household, reconnect, listen to and recharge myself.

In my office I have a dream board with photos of all of the exciting places in the world that I would love to explore. I believe that travel is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

My mental and physical health improves whenever I take myself out of my comfort zone so I continually strive to challenge myself. That could be anything from bungy jumping to white water rafting, paddle boarding, snowboarding or long distance hikes.

When a group of women come together in nature I love the energy that develops, the conversation, the reflection, the beauty and the laughter.

It’s exciting to meet and trek with the strong women of Women’s Fitness Adventures and I look forward to our next adventure.

Melissa Pols

C.R.E.W Leader

Hi I’m Melissa,

I have been passionate about the outdoors for as long as I can remember. When I see a track, I  want to head down it to see where it leads. Exploring and hiking in the bush, bike riding, experiencing new and different environments and challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone are my passions.

Over the years, my family adventures throughout Australia and overseas with my 2 children and husband have been incredible. The highlights being whitewater rafting, kayaking through icebergs in Alaska, packrafting and snow shoeing. A particular highlight was hiking the Three Capes Track in Tasmania with 16 family and friends and cycling 450km with my 12 year old daughter.

Being outdoors helps me to clear my mind. It also gives me the opportunity to step away from the craziness of life. Whether it be a gentle stroll, a workout tackling stairs or hills which is a personal favourite of mine (much to my husband’s horror) or just sitting by a creek being mesmerised by the water it doesn’t matter, they all help remind me how important it is to take time out for myself.

I believe that with the right preparation, training and mindset we can all achieve our goals and dreams.  Being a C.R.E.W Leader with Women’s Fitness Adventures allows me to inspire, encourage, laugh and share in a sense of achievement with the amazing women within the community. And all whilst enjoying the great outdoors!

Looking forward to many fun filled adventures, Melissa