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Connect, learn and thrive (in person and online) with a supportive and energetic community of women who share your passion for connection, hiking and adventure.

We offer world-class Hiking Programs, Adventures and Education for all women and all fitness levels.


Women's Fitness Adventures is your Passport to a World of Active Living and Outdoor Exploration

Get ready for real-world adventures with our hiking and skills training. We focus on practical techniques for trail endurance, hiking skills and safe trekking.

Our programs cater to all, from beginners to experienced hikers, designed to refine your skills and enhance your trail fitness, ensuring you’re prepared for any hike you set your sights on.

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Your Hub for Expert Hiking Training and Unmatched Camaraderie.

Unlock your hiking potential with our Toolkit of Resources. Benefit from expert-led Masterclasses, Targeted Hike Fitness Regimes, and a wealth of Resources. Embrace the journey with structured guidance and the camaraderie of an inspiring network of like minded women.

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Hiking Academy

Tailored Hiking Programs for Every Stage of Your Journey.

Feel confident with programs that cater specifically to your fitness needs & aspirations. Our courses equip you with the essential skills, knowledge & support to manage beginner trails to challenging terrains.

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Hiking Adventures

Discover Breathtaking Destinations with Our Signature Hiking Adventures.

Embark on thrilling hikes, from renowned trails to hidden gems. Our expertly designed adventures prioritize safety, fun, and transformative experiences. Focus on your hiking goals and savor moments of blissful solitude with us.

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Connect, Train and Explore with our Online Community and Courses designed to support your Outdoor Hiking Adventures

Join hundreds of women on their hiking journey and get instant access to over $3000 worth of Hiking Resources

Elevate your hike from a simple walk to a milestone in your fitness journey, with Expert-led Training Sessions, comprehensive Masterclasses, and the support of fellow hiking enthusiasts. Your path to peak hiking fitness and enriching adventures begins here — where every step counts towards strength, discovery, and shared triumphs.

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What our Members Say

I am certain I would not have been so well prepared on all things hiking

I had a dream to walk the Camino de Santiago before turning 60. Women's Fitness Adventures helped me become fit in both mind and body to achieve this.

Leanne Member since August 2021

I’ve learnt what I need to do to keep my body healthy and moving. I'm learning that the small, subtle moves often have the biggest impact

After 4 knee surgeries, a hip replacement and losing 24kg, Angela is now focused on her hiking.

Angela Member since 2020

With retirement on the way, I went looking for "that something"

The decision to make time for me came about as my husband had been seriously ill and I devoted a lot of time to him. Friends & family encouraged me to do something for myself. These days I am doing things I never thought possible.

Margaret Member since 2018

When people say I am too busy, 
I think about my years working 
in palliative care

For me, taking care of my health, avoiding regrets and living life to the full are huge goals. I've often seen how life can suddenly change. The Couch2Mountain program built my confidence, taught me to be brave and 
fed my soul.

Gwen Member since May 2021

I look back at the times when I 
was hesitant and now I'm hiking 
multi day adventures

One day I realised life was too short to sit on the sidelines. Friends health issues and early deaths were a wake up call. I wasn't into team sports, but hiking seemed like something I could do.

Belinda Member since 2020

I was coming to a crossroad in life and needed to make decisions

With her children grown and moving away, Debby was searching for a new way to celebrate the next chapter. She was hooked after her first multi day hike and hasn't looked back.

Debby Member since 2018

Transform, Connect and Thrive as a Member

Strength &

Elevate your body and spirit with our Hiking, 
Cardio and Functional Fitness Programs, designed for resilience and strength.


Join a sisterhood where your journey is celebrated. Connect with women who share your zest 
for adventure.

Connections &

Open doors to new adventures and friendships. Share experiences with and gain insights from our Hiking Community.

Knowledge &

Enhance your hikes with our Educational Materials, Masterclasses and Expert Guidance



Enjoy the fusion of Fitness and Social Connection. 
Stay engaged and motivated with our Live Online Walking Adventures.

Fun, Fitness & 


Discover the joy of hiking with friends. Each 
adventure promises laughter, learning, 
and unforgettable moments.

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Conquer Trails, Celebrate Milestones: Your Hiking Fitness Community

Join an online and in person sisterhood of adventurers dedicated to Fitness, Knowledge and the Great Outdoors.

Kerry – Did my first solo 10km Hike
Leanne – Had a fantastic time hiking 
and making new friends
Mandy – We shared an incredible experience
Gwen – Cardio Boost is now a regular 
part of my week

Preparation ● Training ● Achievement

Get Ready to Step into Adventure

Five Summits and Two Trails made this a challenging and memorable adventure

Amid the backdrop of a Japanese Autumn, this adventure was full of fitness, culture, onsens, food and glorious scenery

This adventure captures all the beauty of NZ South Island

Combining the key icons of the South Island, this adventure had hiking, biking and even Stand Up Paddleboarding.

It's a true Tasmanian Sampler

Our team became immersed in the adventure as they hiked through beaches, trails and glacier formed landscapes.

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Learn More About Women’s Fitness Adventures

Here’s Why I Started Women’s Fitness Adventures

From a spark of adventure to igniting a fitness revolution, my journey began with a simple desire to rediscover the joys of the outdoors.

Back in late 2013, I stepped away from the corporate grind and embarked on a life-changing hike along the Great Ocean Road. That experience — filled with physical challenges, laughter, and camaraderie — was the spark for Women’s Fitness Adventures.

This sparked the creation of Women’s Fitness Adventures, with the belief that all women should experience the outdoors in a supportive community.

Now, 10 years on, we’ve empowered thousands of women to grow stronger and more confident, forging lasting friendships and unforgettable memories along the way.

Yvonne Shepherd Founder, CEO & C.R.E.W Leader

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