Sharon shares how improvements to her health, fitness and mental state have convinced her to keep going

Sharon's story with Women's Fitness Adventures

Read Sharon’s story about her physical & emotional health journey

A few years ago my husband and I went to Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory.

I was very disappointed to find I was not fit enough to climb up to the top of the canyon to do the walk. Something had to change.

I was sick of noisy gym classes crammed into my lunchtime at work and personal training from young fellows barely out of school.

On my return home I saw a friend’s Facebook post about a hike she had done with Women’s Fitness Adventures.

I thought ‘I can do this’ and I booked myself in for a Hikeabout session at Mount Cootha at 9.30am on a hot October day. I discovered just how unfit I was!

I have been doing a weekly pilates class for nearly 20 years. I find pilates wonderful for keeping the body supple as I age.

However, before I started with Women’s Fitness Adventures I was a bit overweight and lacked the stamina to keep up with household chores and small grandchildren. I tried to fit in a daily walk and used the stairs when possible at work but it was not enough.

Sharon at kayaking

I think my biggest achievement has been just turning up for Hikeabout each week when I would rather roll over and go back to sleep.

The improvement to my health, fitness, and mental state have convinced me to keep going.

I have found it hard to continue with fitness programs at the gym and have paid handsomely for unused gym memberships over the years.

To my amazement, I have learnt to kayak, which I love, and done Stand Up PaddleBoarding, I have also been on two glorious long weekends away with Women’s Fitness Adventures, during which I appreciated all the things I have learned over the past two years from the C.R.E.W Leaders

Sharon with Women's Fitness Adventures

I am the only person who can make sure that I am healthy and fit into my old age.

Being fitter has allowed me to help my children and grandchildren when necessary and look after my ageing mum. I have a more positive attitude which I think helps us through the darker times in life.

If you are thinking of joining, I would say just do it.

As well as getting fitter, you will make new friends, and meet the most amazing and inspiring women, just like yourself, who have overcome all kinds of challenges to get to this point in their lives.

You may choose to do the social walks with good conversation and coffee, or climb a mountain, or go for a kayak, or all of these things. You will have the opportunity to travel to beautiful places that otherwise you may never see or experience.

The support you will receive from everyone involved with Women’s Fitness Adventures, both leaders and members, will encourage you to keep coming back for more adventures.

Sharon has been an active member since 2017 and has completed many adventures in that time.

Women’s Fitness Adventures helps women become stronger and fitter for life through an adventure that combines fitness, travel and a social connection to a like minded community.

For more information visit our website, email [email protected]com or call 0412 121 420

Since 2014, Yvonne Shepherd, Founder & CEO has shared her passion of helping women 45 plus get fitter and stronger through outdoor adventures and in turn, lead stronger and fitter lives

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Yvonne Shepherd, CEO of Women's Fitness Adventures

Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder & CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures.

Established in 2014, Women’s Fitness Adventures encourages women to become stronger for life through fitness, adventure and social connection. We do this through our online fitness & hike training programs, thriving online community and our in person multi day adventures in Australia and around the world.

Women everywhere are enjoying the support, friendship and inspiration found inside the Women’s Fitness Adventures community as they connect in real time through our online active adventures that can be done in your location, regardless of where you live.  Your area is our area because we cover every corner of Australia and would love you to join us.

Whether you are ready to go on a hiking adventure right now or it is in the planning, our Hike Training Courses, Masterclasses, Adventure Ready resources and Hike Fitness Programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge to guarantee you success and have the best time ever.


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