From the first day I felt part of the family

Sandy's story with Women's Fitness Adventures

I always loved the outdoors and Tramping – it is what we Kiwis call hiking.

Somehow though, my life seemed to revolve around work.

Life was pretty mundane and I felt that I did not have a lot of purpose.

I have always put other people in my life first and I thought it was now time to put me first.

 I wanted to become more active and meet new like minded people.

When Women’s Fitness Adventures popped up on my Facebook feed. I kept looking at the group and was unsure whether to join.

I made some enquiries and asked if they didn’t mind a Kiwi joining!

Their response was very welcoming and from the first day I arrived at HikeAbout I have felt like part of the family.

Sandy's story of belonging with Women's Fitness Adventures

I have been involved in so many adventures since I joined.

My biggest success was completing the Kokoda Track.  This would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from Women’s Fitness Adventures and the other C.R.E.W members.

My advice to other women who might think work has taken over, or they want to get active again is to Just do it!

I made the best decision.

Everyone makes you feel welcome and important, no matter where you are from or what stage of fitness you are at.

Just join, you will never ever regret joining this group. 

I now have a purpose to keep my fitness up and look forward to planning my next adventures.

Sandy has been an active member since September 2017 and has completed many adventures in that time.

Women’s Fitness Adventures helps women become stronger and fitter for life through an adventure that combines fitness, travel and a social connection to a like minded commuity

For more information visit our website or email [email protected] or call

0412 121 420

Since 2014 , Yvonne Shepherd, Founder & CEO has shared her passion of helping women 45 plus get fitter and stronger through outdoor adventures and in turn lead stronger and fitter lives.

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Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder & CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures. Established in 2014, Women’s Fitness Adventures encourages women to become fitter and stronger for life through fitness, adventure and social connection.

We can take you comfortably out of your comfort zone.

Click here to learn more about becoming a member, or for details on our adventures and courses visit our website or contact us on 0412 121 420 or email [email protected].

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