After a major health scare, Diana knew she had a choice to make

Diana Women's Fitness Adventures

As a teen and in my early 20’s I always had a sense of adventure.

Hitchhiking around NZ with a bit of fruit picking here and there along the way to support my travel. I loved life, set goals, had fun and laughed a lot!

I refer to this time as when I had “my glow”.

Then along comes life. I put everything I had into being a wife, raising a family, working full time and studying.

As I put all these roles ahead of my own, over time I allowed my goals and dreams to become non -essentials.

Before I knew it, I didn’t socialise much, I lost confidence in myself and I felt I never really had anything interesting to talk about. I mistakenly lived life how I perceived others felt I should.

Then I suffered a heart attack and my world changed.

I became depressed and frustrated at my perceived loss of my life.

I spent a lot of time on Facebook – more than I care to admit.

Then Women’s Fitness Adventures popped into my Facebook feed. I got excited that this was something for me.

Then self doubt crept in….I can’t go do this, I’ve had a heart attack! I wont be able to keep up, I don’t know anyone, what if no one talks to me….it didn’t take me long to talk myself out of it.

Thankfully it kept popping up on my newsfeed. I had to make a choice, continue to feel depressed or do something about it.

I chose to do something about it and signed up for the introductory to hiking training bundle and I haven’t looked back since.

Women’s Fitness Adventures has enabled me to return to fitness (and so much more) in a safe and supportive environment.

My biggest achievement has been reaching the summit of Mt Barney, South East Queensland’s 2nd highest peak at 1359 metres. Not only was it physically challenging, for me it was the mental challenge.

Diana at Mt Barney Summit

I had let my fear of heights dictate many choices in my life and as a result had missed out on great experiences and opportunities.

NEVER EVER did I imagine I could attempt such a climb, let alone reach the summit. The support and encouragement started many weeks prior to the Mt Barney weekend when I spoke with the team at Women’s Fitness Adventures.

I guess I was seeking some form of validation that I could achieve my goal and wasn’t completely nuts for even considering it. I also spoke with another crew member who completed the climb despite her intense fear of heights.

Having the right information enabled for me to choose NOT to succumb to my fears and I signed up….best decision ever! The day on the mountain was indescribable. I admit there were times on the exposed ridges that internally I felt like “losing it” but the support from the Women’s Fitness Adventures Leader, the Professional Wilderness Guides and ALL the ladies got me through.

I had complete trust in everyone and at no time did I feel unsafe on unsupported. The whole weekend away was a bonding experience filled with fun, laughter, overcoming challenges, achieving great things and forging friendships!!

Women’s Fitness Adventures has been the catalyst when I found myself at crossroads. Since becoming an active member, in my early 50’s I’ve never felt fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident.

The benefits of being an active C.R.E.W member spill over into every aspect of my life. I no longer feel guilty about putting myself first. I no longer focus on reasons why not to do something and I’m setting goals and enjoy achieving them.

Oh and yes, when I’m asked what I got up to on the weekend, I smile to myself when I say “I climbed a mountain”

I sincerely advocate Women’s Fitness Adventures and never underestimate the healing power of belonging to a community of inspirational women.

I have changed the way how I view “too busy”. I no longer look at it as a negative (too busy at work…too busy for this…too busy with that). Now I’m too busy having fun!!

The time for fun and fitness is always there if you chose it and the rewards are endless when you do.

Diana enjoying adventure

Diana has been an active member of Women’s Fitness Adventures since 2017 and has completed many adventures in that time.

Women’s Fitness Adventures help women become fitter and stronger and connect to a community of like minded women through a shared fitness adventure. For more information visit our website, email [email protected] or call 0412 121 420

Since 2014, Yvonne Shepherd, Founder & CEO has shared her passion of helping women 45 plus get fitter and stronger through outdoor adventures and in turn, lead more confident lives.

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Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder & CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures. Established in 2014, Women’s Fitness Adventures encourages women to become fitter and stronger for life through fitness, adventure and social connection.

We can take you comfortably out of your comfort zone.

Click here to learn more about becoming a member, or for details on our adventures and courses visit our website or contact us on 0412 121 420 or email [email protected].

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