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Why doing something today is vital for a better tomorrow.

Why doing something today is vital for a better tomorrow.

My dad, who is 83, with multiple health issues, used to spend lots of time in hospital.

He is now in an Aged Care home. He doesn’t need to go for as many hospital visits.

I think in a way he misses them. In fact, he is quite comfortable in hospital. It is like a social outing, connection defined by illness or ailment.

Each time he goes in, I always take time to pause and reflect on where I am at right now.

As you know, we all learn lessons, habits, nuances and more from our parents. Some we gladly inherit.

I reflect on Dad, who for 83 numerical years, can still remember being a late teen, with dreams and aspirations for his life. Now in the latter years, did he think it would be like this?

Life can happen by design and by default. And it sure can be a roller coaster.

However we all have a choice. 

I can take charge now, with all the information that is out there and make my own choices.

And my choice, in both my business and personal life, is to do something today that makes for a better tomorrow.

In business, I will spend at least some time each day, working on a better business for tomorrow and the day after and the day after.

Personally, I exercise today, so that I will be stronger for not only tomorrow, but for many years to come.  That the exercise choices I make now, will strengthen my muscles, so I can remain upright in my 80’s; that will allow me to be independent in travel, in shopping, with grandchildren, with mobility.

That the food choices I make now will keep me healthy, to delay or deter, within my control, chronic disease.

That the social circles I create today will keep me mentally strong, so there are friends to laugh with, to lean on and who take me as I am.

That the knowledge I invest in today, will keep me alert, aware and a lifelong learner.

I am 52. Days are busy with a business and a family of 4. There never seems enough time for anything, let alone everything.

BUT, if I don’t think there is time to invest in me right now for tomorrow, then where will I be in 10 years, 20 or 30 years?

I do it for me, however I know the impact is there for everyone who is important in my life.

My question to you is- what are you doing today that will make you have a better life tomorrow?

Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder and CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures. Established over 5 years ago with the vision to help women 45 plus become stronger and fitter and connected to a like-minded community through a shared fitness adventure.

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