The Dolomites: Che Maravigliosa! How Magnificent!

Celebrating in the Dolomites

Embarking on an Italian adventure.

Our Italian escapade kicked off in the enchanting city of Venice. A dreamy beginning to what promised to be a journey of self-discovery and excitement. Our initial dinner, buzzing with anticipation, set the stage for the extraordinary adventure ahead. The Dolomites hike and leaving from Cortina.

The Road to Cortina

In our own private transfer we drove through picturesque mountains, through tunnels  across serene rivers and wound our way through quaint Italian villages. Soon we were in Cortina, a famous Italian town, surrounded by towering peaks and known for skiing. Here, in a stunningly historic hotel, we prepared for the trek ahead, each allowed a light 7-kg bag for mule transport, plus our day packs. Leaving our suitcases behind, we embarked on our adventure, meeting our guides who would lead us into the unknown.  

The Trek Through the Majestic Dolomites

Boarding a bus to the trailhead, we stepped into a realm where the Dolomites’ grandeur awaited us. Our path, steeped in history with World War I tunnels, challenged us with its steep inclines and scree-covered slopes. Each evening, after a day of navigating breathtaking landscapes, narrow paths, and switchbacks, we found solace in our mountain refuges, our efforts rewarded by stunning views and a sense of triumphant achievement. Our journey was measured not in kilometres, but in the hours of perseverance and discovery, with our most arduous day involving a remarkable 22 kilometres of ascent and descent. The Majestic Dolomites with Women's Fitness Adventures

Cherishing Unforgettable Moments

Each refuge we stayed in welcomed us with its unique charm. Near the iconic Tre Cime, we were awed by the mountainous beauty, beyond what any photograph could capture. On our hottest day, we cooled off by a refreshing waterfall. The weather turned as we huddled in our cozy dormitory, sharing space with diverse travellers and climbers. A night of hailstorms reminded us of the mountains’ unpredictability. The following day, clear skies greeted us as we explored tunnels from the Italian Army’s past, marvelling at their resilience in such harsh conditions. The Via Ferrata, a daunting cliffside path once used by soldiers, offered a thrilling challenge, though we admired it from a safe distance. Celebrating in the Dolomites

Concluding the journey

Our hike revealed stunning forests, meadows, and vibrant wildflowers, against a backdrop of majestic rock formations and clear rivers. Sudden thunderstorms tested our readiness, leading to impromptu lunches in cow sheds, reminiscent of childhood tales. Days were filled with challenging hikes, delightful meals, and shared stories. We even recreated a scene from ‘The Sound of Music’, taking in the awe-inspiring landscape. Our bond with Oscar the mule, a vital member of our team, was a highlight, as was celebrating a birthday in the most unique way – singing through the tunnels. The descent on our final day brought us to a lakeside town, culminating in a festive dinner in Cortina. This marked the end of our Italian adventure, a week of laughter, teamwork, and profound appreciation for nature and history. As we bid farewell to Italy, our hearts were full of gratitude for the Women’s Fitness Adventure CREW, who transformed this trip into a truly memorable experience. Che Maravigliosa it was! Oscar the Mule

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