Maureen and Women's Fitness Adventures

I like the core values of staying together as a group and supporting each other

Read Maureen’s story of achievement and why she stays fit.

I have always been an active person and played a lot of competitive team sport but family and work changed my lifestyle over time, so my fitness routine has relied on running and gym sessions

I had been on a walking trip of the Amalfi Coast a few years back and that sparked my interest to do more so had been on the lookout for options locally .

Lucy, who has been a good friend from school days had joined Women’s Fitness Adventures and I liked what she had told me about the group, so I went along with Lucy and others on a day hike.

While the day did not go totally to ‘my plan’ I understood the core values of Women’s Fitness Adventures was about staying together as a group and supporting each other and I liked that.

It seemed to tick the boxes I had in my mind – doing something that I was genuinely keen on doing, providing interesting walks locally and further afield, and importantly, providing the opportunity to meet new people and broaden my social network.

Maureen on the Mt Barney Summit

I have realised how lucky we are to have so many tracks in ‘our own backyard’ that I have come to appreciate over the years I have been with Women’s Fintess Adventures.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Six Foot Track and Mt Kosciusko trips but my biggest achievement so far would be hiking to the summit of Mt Barney. I love to be challenged physically and mentally and Mt Barney definitely provided both.

I know I got through it because of the expertise of the guides but also the wonderful support of the other ladies in the group. It was a wonderful feeling of exhaustion and accomplishment at the end of the day. There is something amazing to me about climbing mountains so I love it when they are on the Women’s Fitness Adventures calendar.

Maureen with Women's Fitness Adventures

I have always found that when my fitness activities become part of my daily / weekly routine I never question it and miss it when I am unable to do it.

I know I am happier when I feel fit, I have been blessed with good health so far in my life and I work at my fitness to keep it that way. 

I was nervous when I first started out but it is well worth giving it a go and taking that first step – it will lead to many, many more.  I am especially excited about my upcoming Legendary Dolomites Adventure with the group this July.


Maureen has been an active member since 2017 and has completed many adventures in that time.

Women’s Fitness Adventures helps women become stronger and fitter for life through an adventure that combines fitness, travel and a social connection to a like minded community.

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Since 2014, Yvonne Shepherd, Founder & CEO has shared her passion of helping women 45 plus get fitter and stronger through outdoor adventures and in turn, lead stronger and fitter lives