Owers Corner on the Kokoda Track with Women's Fitness Adventures

How a trek on the Kokoda Trail can change your life

At the end of each multi day adventure with Women’s Fitness Adventures, we have an awards evening. A reflection of our journey and a celebration of our success.


The words below are only a small portion of the adventure. It was both the journey and destination that made it special, along with the 10 women on the trail.


The adventure began on December 1st 2017. It was GO, it was ON!

From the moment we started training  in January, we formed a cohesive “platoon” that is still functioning at a high level as we speak.

Here is a quick reflection of our 9 days that was The Kokoda Track 2018.

From boiled eggs and apples in Port Moresby to dust and bumps on our bus ride from Popondetta to Kokoda. 

To meeting the porters and off we hiked to Hoi. Our first taste of the track, view of the toilets and the 9 days ahead of us.

Who can forget the first morning hiking up into Deniki with Apes on the guitar and the porters singing “Country Road”, as the view opened up to us. But not our first taste of tears.

Deniki on the Kokoda Trail, PNG with Women's Fitness Adventures


So the hills got bigger, as did our laughter, our support of each other, our respect for the track and affection for the entire crew and our porters.

From Isurava Memorial to Surgeons Rock, the landslide, the constant washing, the much anticipated rain, the fountain of knowledge that is Shane, our guide, The Wall and the Dawn Service at Brigade Hill.


The Kokoda Track with Women's Fitness Adventures

Kokoda with Women’s Fitness Adventures was always going to be something special. A roller coaster of hills, emotions, fatigue and the most delightful food.

In talking with each of you, Kokoda was a surprise and a gift to you.

Surprise in the beauty, your preparedness, the challenge and the contrast.

A gift – a celebration of fitness, an appreciation of life, of simple pleasures, the power of a song, a smile, a simple gesture. And as Shane our guide stated ” the diggers would be smiling widely at our support and encouragement of each other in true Australian Spirit”.

Irobawa on the Kokoda Trail with Women's Fitness Adventures



Kokoda 2018 will have changed you. It may not be obvious, but some days, moments, segments of time will transport you back.

You will be stronger in yourself, more self accepting, more patient and more humble.

You will always refer to it, many years from now.

So you have done it Kokoda C.R.E.W. You have achieved something few will ever try. Never let anyone take it away from you.

Tell your friends and loved ones the truth – that we are all capable of so much more. I think you know that now.

The world simply needs to believe in it.



Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder and CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures. Created 4 years ago, the vision is to combine fitness, travel and adventure in one place while reconnecting women to their community. This is her second time hiking the Kokoda Trail in PNG.

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