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Two Decades

Two young Englishmen came to stay.

No, not total strangers.

Long term family friends.

They were 21 and 24.

We had met them 20 years ago when they were babies.

My gosh – TWO DECADES. And in between, the invention of the mobile phone, cheaper air travel, the internet, Google, Facebook… Their mum says hi from England, as we send a group picture sailing through the universe.

TWO DECADES. Life moves fast and if we don’t participate, it moves anyway.

Most days, I am driving my own bus – creating my journey, taking the bumps and turns in the road. Are you driving yours?

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Each week our leaders at Women’s Fitness Adventures surround themselves with other women, keen to get strong and healthy in the great outdoors and make the most of everyday.

One way to do that is with HikeAbout. The original program designed by Women’s Fitness Adventures that combines strength training, cardio and endurance into an outdoor workout that makes you stronger and fitter for outdoor adventures.

HikeAbout with Women's Fitness Adventures
The original HikeAbout developed by Women’s Fitness Adventures designed to help women get fitter and stronger for outdoor adventures.

Here is what one of our amazing members had to say about HikeAbout.

“I consider HikeAbout a specialised PT session which incorporates cardio, strength and endurance.

Without a doubt, regular Hikeabout sessions have been the main thing that have improved my fitness level.

I still find hills hard but recovery is much quicker. I am much stronger both physically and mentally. I used to talk myself out of being able to tackle hills. Now I know that I can do it. I also have found that day to day fitness has improved. Stairs, walking long distances and at speed are now easy”

So whether it has been two decades or two days since you last fitness adventure, HikeAbout, with Women’s Fitness Adventures  will help you get stronger and fitter for outdoor adventures and for life. Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder and CEO at Women’s Fitness Adventures.  Staying strong and healthy for outdoor adventures is high on her priority list. Sharing this with other women with a similar outlook and values is equally as important. Check out the 5 tips for getting strong and healthy