Women's Fitness Adventures and the importance of Community

The importance of Community

Via an outing with my daughter I found myself inside a thriving community. The members of the community were from all walks of life and all ages. I sat back and observed.

My marketing background kicked in and critically observed all the strategies and tactics they engaged. What was it that made this community thrive? Why were the patrons so engaged? What kept them coming back.

As the owner and facilitator of an all female community, Women’s Fitness Adventures,  I was curious as to their success. In my head, I began to methodically break down the elements of what makes a community get strong and stay strong.

It comes down to three things – Connection, Communication and Caring.

We join something to CONNECT with others, just like us. More often, it is through a common event, purpose, value, ideal or adventure.

BUT that is on the surface. When connecting with a common purpose, you are finding PEOPLE like YOU. Digging a little deeper you find connections that CLICK. Take Helen, Lucy and Merlene (pictured above) who all came to Women’s Fitness Adventures many years ago looking for fitness, adventure and friendship. You can read more of their connection and friendship by

Being part of a community is about finding your tribe. Having the conversations –COMMUNICATION– to continue the connection beyond your initial interest. Inside of our community the conversations are stimulating and will inspire you, challenge you, comfort you and motivate you. And these are all in person, online and on an adventure.

Most important of all is CARING. And I mean genuinely. The ability of someone to notice a difference, have an awareness that you are there, or not there. To lend a shoulder, words of congratulations or simply a great big belly laugh together.

You see, we are all the same. I noticed this the other day at the event with my daughter. The same fears, hopes, dreams, worries and concerns. All of us looking for a place to “belong” where it feels comfy and like home. That to me is community.

Yvonne Shepherd is Founder and CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures, Australia’s largest adventure fitness company for women over 50.

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