Women's Fitness Adventures Christmas Party

Reflections on a year gone by

It was the inaugural Women’s Fitness Adventures Christmas Party last night. How do you describe the past 12 months, filled with fun, adventures and more laughter than we could ever have imagined?  Below is how I have summed up the past year.

Last week on our Mt Maroon Photography day, the team were asking me if we were having awards at the Christmas Party.   The answer is NO!  Why, well awards are a special part of our week long trips and have become a tradition on the last night. One of those – you need to be there to appreciate evenings.

So rather than awards, I want to share just a few stories.

Like the lady who said that her week long trip away was one of the best ever, because she did it all by herself – not relying on her husband, family or friends.

Or one lady, who remarked that if her husband had dragged her up this mountain, she would have killed him and turned around – yet there was something different about doing it with a group of women.  I did walk a distance from this woman, just in case!

Or another member who now enjoys being “fearless” and leads her husband on walks of 10km or more that a few months ago she would never have dreamt possible

Or another who didn’t want to climb that mountain, not because she wasn’t capable, but because it was beyond her comfort zone. With the encouragement and support of the team, got to the top, felt so proud of herself (and rightly so) and has now signed up to more adventures. This lady has create such a positive ripple of change in her life that you cannot help but be in awe of her.

Or, just recently, a member, thanking Women’s Fitness Adventures for giving her the strength and courage to do the things she is now doing, including making new friendships and opening new opportunities.

And finally, another who this very morning, brought tears to my eyes with the story of her journey and the part that Women’s Fitness Adventures plays in it.

These are just a few small examples of what I see and hear each time we go on an adventure – big or small.

You see, we all have our Everest. And whether that is actually Everest or the Story Bridge, it is all about stepping out of your comfort zone just a little so that your world gets bigger everyday.  Beyond the comfort zone, no matter how far, is where the GREAT things happen.

So I encourage you to mix and meet all the amazing women in this room and on every adventure. We all have a story to tell that is worthy of you listening.

It has been such an amazing year, filled with fun and so much laughter. Thanks again ladies –  for it is you who are the strength of Women’s Fitness Adventures – your spirit of adventure, zest for life, enthusiasm and passion. Without you, it would just be a website on the computer.

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