Hiking the Six Foot Track with Women_s Fitness Adventures

How a tree on a track defined my weekend!

This is clearly my favourite picture of the 200 plus photos I took on our recent 3 day Six Foot Track hike in the Blue Mountains. I knew as soon as I shot it that it was going to be “one of those” photos. You know, the kind that defines a time, place or experience. A bit like a favourite song and every time you see it (or hear it), it takes you right back there. Why this one you ask, out of all the 200 in the album?  I think it is the enormity of the tree and us in comparison. Out there, on a hike, in some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, you start to feel at one with yourself. That there is something bigger going on than what is in your own world. Mother Nature was kind to us on the weekend. She really turned up the colours, intensified the sound and rolled out the charm. We were slowly but surely lured away from our city lives, from the hustle and bustle of our routine, to a slower pace and a slower place.  With each passing kilometer (and there were 44 of them!), we became more aware of ourselves – our footsteps on the trail, the strength in our legs (and lungs) and clarity in our thoughts. We recognised when we were hungry, you know, really hungry, not just habit. The track was a challenge – harder than I imagined, but nothing we hadn’t trained for.  If you don’t know it, it is the old bridle trail linking Katoomba with Jenolan Caves. In some parts it is six foot wide (hence the name) and in other sections it is a narrow trail, closed in by bush or flanked by the strength of Cox’s River. The hills are long and steep however you are rewarded with spectacular views that quickly make you forget you are gasping for air and that your legs are burning from the climb! Our hiking team of nine ladies were champions. The journey had started together many months before with the training. Getting to know our bushwalking buddies was all part of the adventure and made the weekend so much more enjoyable. On the flight home Sunday night, I thought of hot showers, clean hair and a warm bed.  Monday morning, once clean again and into the working week, I longed for the trail, the outdoors and the tree! So, to keep the adventure alive I look to the tree to take me back to a wonderful weekend. I also look to the tree as inspiration for my next adventure. Women’s Fitness Adventures combines fitness, travel and adventure all in one place.  More details can be found on our website