Finding Me!

Finding Me!

Sometimes life can be like that. You know what I mean. Busy with stuff that seems to consume you. Whether we are the mum, the partner, worker, aunt or daughter, there always seems to be someone or something that we turn our time to. At times, it seems that “me” gets buried inside all of the other roles.

You may recall that a group of us recently trekked the Jatbula Trail in the Northern Territory with only our backpacks for the week. We camped each night and walked on again the next day. On that adventure and each adventure that I go on, I keep a diary. Here is an extract of one of the days (totally unedited):

Crystal Falls Campsite, 5.30am Tuesday August 2nd. I have everything, but I didn’t have me. Waking up early after a super nights sleep- ok with a few sore muscles, I was feeling alive. Last night I listened to a recording of a tarot card reading session I had done three and a half years ago. That was the line – I have everything but I didn’t have me.

As I lay here, in my mozzie dome, the ceiling of a thousand stars, with the trees silhouetted against them, the rush of the waterfalls in my ears, I begin to cry. Tears of joy. I have nothing – literally what is on my back, yet I have it all. I have me again.

Each trip is like this. The “me” is always there now and I know how to find her in the crowd that is called life.”

I am not sure if you relate to my story or not – if you do please let me know as I would love to know. I find that the outdoors, the amazing company and the sense of an adventure feeds my soul, is my natural medicine and as you now know, makes me feel like me again. All our adventures are like that and you can check them out on the website to find one to suit your needs.

We have had so many adventures this year – close to home and further away.  Each one as amazing as the company who adventures with me. You can check out all the pictures and follow the adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder and CEO at Women’s Fitness Adventures.  Staying strong and healthy for outdoor adventures is high on her priority list. Doing this with other women who share the same outlook and values is equally as important. Check out the 5 tips for getting strong and healthy

Finding Me!
Finding Me on a Women’s Fitness Adventure