Women's Fitness Adventures

The Golden Rule

 Our golden rule at Women’s Fitness Adventures is that we have a “no sorry” principle.


As women we often find ourselves apologising for everything – from the weather to traffic, to things we have no control over. It’s almost like it’s become automatic.

So we have the “no sorry “ rule.

We want our adventures to be about you – for you to enjoy the “me time” without apology, where you can be you, free from the everyday routines, questions, challenges and ups and downs.

Some days it’s our time to shine and other days perhaps a toned down glow.

Whether you feel like being chatty or want time to yourself, go fast, slow or in between, it’s OK. It’s because you are you and for the time you are with us, we value the YOU who shows up.

AND for being you,  there is no need to apologise.

To join the Priority Waitlist for our adventures visit www.womensfitnessadventures.com

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