Mt Moffatt Hiking and Camping Fitness Adventure

Mt Moffat Famous Chimney

For our most recent adventure we took to the road and headed west to outback Queensland, hiking the Mt Moffatt National Park in a remote section of Carnarvon Ranges National Park.

Our five-day adventure began in Roma where 10 Women’s Fitness Adventures C.R.E.W members including our leader met for a welcome dinner at the local pub. It was wonderful for everyone to relax and get to know each other.

Mt moffat map

We were joined by our guide Craig and travelled to our campsite in the National Park by bus. As we arrived there was excitement in the air and our C.R.E.W members set about creating a fun village atmosphere for our stay at Mt Moffatt. The campsite was fabulous – large and peaceful with gorgeous green grass dotted with shady trees. 

Some of our adventurers were seasoned campers and some were first timers but there was a great team spirit among our group as we set up, which continued as we relaxed in the late afternoon sun, enjoying pre-dinner nibbles around the campfire. 

Camping Fitness Adventure

This hike was a true escape. Mt Moffatt brims with not only wildlife but is home to dramatic sandstone formations which create a spectacular landscape to explore.

The scenery may be Instagram-worthy but without internet connection we were given a golden opportunity to disconnect, take in the natural beauty and form a wonderful camaraderie with our fellow C.R.E.W members.

Mt Moffatt Hiking And Camping

On our first day of hiking we were greeted by The Chimneys – three stunning pillars of eroding sandstone rising into the sky. Mother Nature helped to set the scene with perfectly positioned clouds to creating the illusion of smoke escaping from a chimney stack.

Mt Moffatt Hiking

Throughout our hikes we also learned about the history of Mt Moffatt. The culturally significant site is rich with Indigenous art and stories. We also heard tales of some of Australia’s last bush rangers and their exploits in the park. 

The diverse wildlife of Mt Moffatt treated us to sightings of emus, kangaroos, brumbies, legless lizards (which, alarmingly, look a bit like snakes!), and a wide range of birds including wedge tailed eagles

We never went hungry on our Mt Moffatt adventure. We enjoyed classic hiker fare for lunch, perching on rocks and nature’s park benches (logs!) while taking in the glorious landscape of open woodlands and natural grasslands. The sense of space and freedom was entirely refreshing.

Eating while adventure

As our adventure took place just prior to Easter, it is safe to say a couple of easter eggs were enjoyed throughout our adventure and delicious desserts capped off each of our wonderful days.

Our evenings were spent around the campfire where we all shared stories and lots of laughs. We listened to bats on the sonar device and even learnt about the green glowing scorpion. 

Marlong arch

Pausing to take in the majesty and wonder of the Marlong Arch was a highlight for our adventurers. There was stillness in the air and the amazing sandstone arch stood in contrast to the bright blue sky above providing a moment of wonder and connection to natural world.

Mt Moffat

On our final afternoon, we had the absolute pleasure of unwinding by a charming waterhole. Taking advantage of the warmer than expected weather, a cooling paddle concluded the day for some. As a group we relaxed, reflected, and took in this magical moment.

Mt Moffatt Hiking And Camping

The trip to Mt Moffatt has given us such wonderful memories. Thank you to our members who made the adventure so special.

We can’t wait for our next adventure. If you are interested in taking part find out more about upcoming adventures or become a member of Women’s Fitness Adventures.

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