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Measuring Success – The I’s have it!


In our world today, somehow success has been defined as being about money or winning or competing.

Success is more than that. It’s a journey.

I think that when you measure success, the I’s have it.

That is

  • Involvement
  • Improvement
  • Impact

To be successful at ANYTHING you have to be involved in that thing. Take a writing course for example, you enrol, but unless you get involved and start writing,nothing happens and you won’t become a writer.

Same with say a gym membership. Unless you participate nothing changes. Then the end of the membership comes and you blame gym because nothing changed.

Being involved and staying involved is the hardest part. You may feel uncomfortable, challenged, perhaps a little nervous as it’s all new. That’s normal. Messy at the start.

Once your involved and regularly committed, it gets easier and life starts to change – for the better. We notice improvements– small, cumulative and sometimes immeasurable.

But others can see- where you were and where you are now. This is a time to momentarily pause, look back and recognise that the initial involvement has led to improvement. It’s no longer messy.

Finally impact. You’re the shining light, regardless of whether you see it or not. Your actions have such an impact on those around you- the ripple effect. Simply by your very actions.

So don’t measure your success against others. Measure against yourself through your involvement, your improvement and your impact.


Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder and CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures. Since it’s inception in 2014, Women’s Fitness Adventures has boosted both the fitness and social lives of women within their membership and at the same time created a thriving community both online and offline.

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