Journey of a thousand miles

According to the Ancient Chinese Proverb by Lao-tzu, the “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Over the past few years, I have run a lot (or little) depending who you talk to.  I have mixed it up a bit over the past year with a bit of bushwalking as well. My motivation for all of this is to keep an active lifestyle.  What started out as a need to stay fit and healthy to minimise the chance of developing diabetes (as a  result of gestational diabetes whilst pregnant), has developed into a habit that I consider my daily medicine. This year, in my role as Chief Adventurer for Women’s Fitness Adventures, I have decided to track my activity for the very reason that I can!  It is not about the goal of 1000 miles, as I am sure I will get there anyway. It is about the measurement of time well spent.  The greater the distance, the less time spent on social media or in front of the TV and the more time spent in social situations, creating and maintaining friendships and engaging in face to face communication. So maybe the Chinese philosopher was on to something.  Try it for yourself, take the first step and see where the journey takes you. Interested in keeping up to date with the latest events and activities from Women’s Fitness Adventures?  Simply email us