Being Kind

Being Kind

Grand Kakadu Explorer Adventure with Women's Fitness Adventures
Grand Kakadu Explorer Adventure with Women’s Fitness Adventures

I hit the ground running this week as life returned to normal after the Grand Kakadu Explorer Adventure. My “extremely dirty shirt” came clean and my empty mind soon became cluttered.

After a week in the wilderness, with no distractions, I was quickly reminded this week of how rushed life in the city is and how it seems that this “busy-ness” can cause some people to lose the kindness that I know we are all born with.

Reflecting on this, I also questioned my own self talk. Sure I am not perfect and at times I beat myself up. If I listen to what I say to myself, I would not dare to say that to anyone else.

So I figure that kindness starts at home. Being kind to myself – forgiving myself if I missed a deadline, spelt a word wrong in a newsletter or didn’t answer that text message on time. Knowing that it is ok if I eat that piece of chocolate or go out without brushing my hair when I wake up.

In being kind to myself I can be even more kind to others. I am not rushed in traffic, so I let people in. I am not a grumpy cat until I have that first coffee. I am not bothered that the ironing is not done or the house not spotless.

Maybe being kind to myself is knowing that exactly where I am is exactly where I am meant to be. What about you ~Contact.FirstName~, do you find this too?

I find kindness in our members – encouragement, support and friendship. It is there on all of the adventures and I am sure you find it too.  Let me know your thoughts below.

Take care until next time –  remember our motto, ” be kind, be brave, be humble”.


Yvonne Shepherd

Founder and CEO, Women’s Fitness Adventures

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