A coincidence spanning 36 years discovered on a Women’s Hiking Trip!

In 1978, two teenage girls were on a school camp at Christmas Creek. Both were intent on hiking to the Stinson Wreck, however only one of them would make it. Neither girl knew each other.
Tina was a high school senior on the camp. She and her group of friends were very excited about the upcoming hike into the Stinson Plane Wreck site. Places on the hike were scarce and priority was given to seniors. Toni was also on the camp. Being in Year 9 at the time, she knew her chances of getting on the hike were slim. Her only chance was if something drastic happened. By some strange twist of fate Tina twisted her ankle the night before the hike and Toni was able to go. Fast forward to 2015. Now, both grown women, still living in Queensland, both with the memory of the school camp and the hike a distant memory. Introducing a Women’s Fitness Adventures group who hosts a hike to the Stinson Plane Wreck site under the expert guides from the team at Mt Barney Lodge. Tina is the first to put her name down, letting Women’s Fitness Adventures owner Yvonne, in on her long held wish to hike to the Stinson Wreck Site she had intended to get to 36 years earlier. How exciting that she was finally getting to do this. Toni was on one of our local Brisbane Walk and Talk Thursday events with the group and took the last spot available on the Stinson Wreck Hike. She remarked that to me the last time she had been to the wreck site was 36 years ago and ONLY got to go because another girl broke her ankle. I stopped in my tracks and yelled out to Tina who was also on our City Walk and Talk. After 36 years, the two who had traded places, were finally getting to meet. You should have seen the excitement, the realisation of paths having “almost met” and the surprise of all of the other walkers that day. On our expedition day the two were very excited. Making the last little turn to the wreck site together was a moment of achievement and history being rewritten for these two. Now united over a common bond that by sliding doors should have connected them 36 years ago, the two will continue to connect over future hikes. For more details on our hikes and adventures in Brisbane, South East Queensland and beyond, visit the Women’s Fitness Adventures website