Active Cooling Sports Towel


Our Active Cooling Sports Towel keeps you cool when walking, hiking or any other fitness adventure where you need to keep the head and neck cool.

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* Cools up to 15 degrees below the outdoor temperature in seconds. * Easy 3 step activation. Simply wet wring out and snap tight to remove excess water. * Cooling will last as long as the towel remains wet. To reactivate simply wet the towel and snap again. * Natural, chemical-free reaction. * Can be used as a regular sports or gym towel and is washable.

Wet                 –                  Wring Out                      –             Snap

Uses: Wear around the neck or head to stay cooler for longer. Ideal for use while playing sports, jogging, walking, biking and at the gym, working outdoors etc. Try using it while working in a warm office or classroom for improved comfort and concentration. How does it work? ACTIVE COOLING SPORTS TOWEL is manufactured to optimise the power of evaporation. For the best results, remove as much water from the towel as possible after wetting. The faster the moisture evaporates from the towel the colder it will get. Do not roll up when wearing as the more towel surface that is exposed, the better it will work.


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