Online Trail Fit Training - 5.15pm (Brisbane Time) Thursday 25th July 2024

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Start Date 5:15pm, Thu, 25th July 2024
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Welcome to ‘Online Trail Fit Training,’ your virtual gateway to getting stronger and fitter for the great outdoors!

This program is designed to bring the essence of trail readiness right to your chosen environment. Whether you’re preparing for a mountain trek or just want to improve your overall outdoor fitness, our sessions are perfect for you.

Each session blends cardio with targeted functional fitness exercises, crafted to enhance your leg strength and introduce you to vital movements that mimic the challenges of outdoor adventures.

Through the convenience of ZOOM technology, join us directly from your home or any location you choose.

Stay engaged, focused, and committed to your fitness goals no matter where you are.

Under the expert guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer and your Women’s Fitness Adventures C.R.E.W Leader, these workouts are designed to push your fitness boundaries.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to elevate your existing fitness level, ‘Online Trail Fit Training’ adjusts to meet your needs and ensures you progress on your path to adventure readiness.

Please note that the session opens at 5:05pm (Brisbane Time) if you would like to join us for a friendly 10 minutes of conversation before the functional fitness commences.

If you are a Women’s Fitness Adventures member, this session is inclusive of your membership so be sure to log in.

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Please ensure you read and accept the Terms and Conditions for this adventure

How does it work?

  • We use Zoom technology on your phone to connect.
  • Once registered you will receive an email with the details and the meeting registration. Simply click to connect
  • You can join in “wherever you are” as it is NOT location based, rather wherever your location is
  • All you need is your phone and headphones
  • You will need access to a chair, a wall or an immovable object you can lean on. Please have an exercise mat, towel or carpet to sit/lie on. You have the option to use small hand weights (or cans).

Booking Terms and Conditions

  • If you are a Women’s Fitness Adventures member then this is inclusive of your membership. Simply LOG IN to access the member rate.
  • Your booking is final once your payment is made.
  • If you are unable to make it, we would appreciate the courtesy of you letting us know.

Participation in this Activity

  • This program is suitable for all fitness levels.
  • By booking into this activity you agree to our Booking Terms and Conditions, which includes completing our Participant Document for this adventure. If you have previously completed this document you will need to update it if there has been a change to any of your information, including medical history, since you last completed it.
  • If, on the day, you feel unwell, or unable to participate, you must immediately notify the leaders.
  • You should only participate if you feel you are medically able to do so.
  • If, at any time, the leader feels concerned about your ability to participate or is concerned for your safety, they may ask you to “sit out” or not participate in a particular program
  • You accept that this is a physical activity and it carries associated risks.


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