Book Club - 7.00pm (Brisbane Time) Tuesday May 7th & 21st, June 4th 2024

LOCATION Online social
Start Date 7:00pm, Tue, 7th May 2024
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  • How does it work?
  • What technology do I need?
  • What chapters are we reading for each session?
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Book Club

There is something magical about a book – the promise of a journey that will take you somewhere else. An escape.

All great books provoke thought and need discussion and can be a catalyst for so many things – which is why we have our online book club for women.

Our central theme is “non fiction and women’s stories*”. Whether they are about travel, adventure, personal triumph or discovery, there is something to learn, see and discuss.

*but not always

We generally take 6 weeks to read each book – reading set chapters for each session gathering to discuss.

Bookclub is one hour and is held ONLINE on a Tuesday night. It’s all inclusive if you are a Women’s Fitness Adventures member.

Simply reserve your place and you will be sent an email with all of the details about the meeting, which is conducted via our private Zoom link.

All you need is a computer, tablet or phone and you are set to join the meeting at the designated time.

Established in 2020 our past books include; Your Second Life Begins When You Realise You Only Have One, Diamonds in the Dust, Life Undercover – coming of age in the CIA, Rising Heart,  The Mitford Sisters, BeWILDered, Alone in Antarctica, The Washerwoman’s Dream, Emotional Female, Wild by Nature,  A Woman Makes A Plan and Discovering a Life Without Limits, Things I Learned from Falling, In Order to Live, The Yellow Envelope, Windswept, Dancing with the Machine, A Woman of No Importance, An Elephant in My Kitchen, The Year of Yes, Miss Benson’s Beetle, Adventurous Spirit, Aphrodite’s Breath, The Salt Path, Steps Out of Time & Nowhere for very Long.

BeWILDered was the spark for our 45 minutes for 45 days Facebook Group and Alone in Antarctica was the catalyst for our Tales for the Trails conversation with author and member Christine Jackman about her book, Turning Down the Noise.

When you register for Book Club you are automatically registered for ALL sessions.

Book Club for Members

The book is read over 3 sessions and the dates are

  • May 7th – discussing Prologue to the end of Chapter 8
  • May 21st – discussing Chapter 9 to the end of Chapter 17
  • June 4th – discussing Chapter 18 to the end of the book.

How does it work?

How does online book club work?
  • One book is chosen and will be covered across a six week period.
  • This means we meet online for one hour every two weeks.  So you don’t have to read the book in one go – in fact you go to where you can and join in the discussion.
  • It’s ALL INCLUSIVE of your membership, so simply register to be part of it.
  • Once you have registered, we send you a PRIVATE and SECURE Zoom link to access the meeting.
  • Then the magic happens and you can see and hear everyone in book club – from wherever you are
  • Join in the conversation and have some fun.
  • When you register you are automatically in ALL sessions. If you can’t make it to one, that’s ok – simply message us to let us know.

What technology do I need?

What technology do I need?
  • It’s quite simple to connect and don’t be put off if you haven’t done this before.   Here’s a quick overview
    • You can access the link from your phone, laptop/desktop or tablet
    • Once you have registered you will receive an email from us. At the nominated time (7.00pm Brisbane Time : Please adjust for your local time zone) simply click on the link in the email we send or in the text we send to your mobile phone.
    • It may ask you to download the Zoom App (free) so please do so if it asks. We suggest you do this a day or so before Book Club
    • If you get stuck with the tech, please contact us in the office and we can take you through it. [email protected]

What chapters are we reading for each session?

  • For the first session we are discussing Prologue to the end of Chapter 8
  • For the second session we are discussing Chapter 9 to the end of Chapter 17
  • For the third session we are discussing Chapter 18 to the end of the book
Book Club for Members

Previous Book Club Reads


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