Narelle shares why she puts in time for herself

Narelle's story with Women's Fitness Adventures
Narelle shares her very personal story on “WHY” putting in time for herself is critical to her need to stay physically and mentally strong.
Read Narelle’s story from always feeling tired to her current strength

I decided to join Women’s Fitness Adventures after doing the Kokoda Track in 2016 with my twin children. They had turned 30 and I was about to turn 60 and my daughter decided completing the Kokoda Track with her mother and twin brother would be a good way to celebrate??????

Her grandfather (my father) had fought there during World War 2.  My daughter was very interested in the history and felt the need to achieve something major.

So her brother and I went along for the ride.

After many months of training I still found it very tough going but really enjoyed the camaraderie and sense of achievement.

When Women’s Fitness Adventures came up on my Facebook feed I decided to give it a go to get some of that feeling back.

I also love to be outdoors so it seemed like a great option for staying fit. I feel as though I am fitter and stronger than I was when I did Kokoda.

Narelle completing the Kokoda Track

Joining a group without knowing anyone in that group was a huge achievement for me as I am quite an introverted type of person.

The ladies have always been so welcoming, friendly and supportive and I have never felt uncomfortable.

Life before I started with Women’s Fitness Adventures was talking about joining a gym but never getting around to it, the occasional walk around the neighbourhood if I could drag myself out of bed in the morning or make it home from work before dark.

I always felt tired which was due to lack of fitness and work related stress.

My family is going through a very tough time at the moment as my husband has terminal cancer.

I know that I need to stay strong both physically and mentally which means putting in time for me.

My husband is very supportive as he can see what a difference it makes.

Women’s Fitness Adventures is my therapy where I can get away in the open air and talk to wonderful women, who all have a story, while getting fitter and stronger and better able to cope.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining would be to “Just Do It”! It doesn’t matter if you are not very fit or you are shy because everyone is so supportive and you can go at your own pace. There is an Adventure for everyone!

Narelle says "there's an adventure for everyone"

Narelle has been an active member since 2016 and has completed many adventures in that time.

Women’s Fitness Adventures helps women become stronger and fitter for life through an adventure that combines fitness, travel and a social connection to a like minded community.

For more information visit our website, email [email protected]com or call 0412 121 420

Since 2014, Yvonne Shepherd, Founder & CEO has shared her passion of helping women 45 plus get fitter and stronger through outdoor adventures and in turn, lead stronger and fitter lives.

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Yvonne Shepherd, CEO of Women's Fitness Adventures

Yvonne Shepherd is the Founder & CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures.

Established in 2014, Women’s Fitness Adventures encourages women to become stronger for life through fitness, adventure and social connection. We do this through our online fitness & hike training programs, thriving online community and our in person multi day adventures in Australia and around the world.

Women everywhere are enjoying the support, friendship and inspiration found inside the Women’s Fitness Adventures community as they connect in real time through our online active adventures that can be done in your location, regardless of where you live.  Your area is our area because we cover every corner of Australia and would love you to join us.

Whether you are ready to go on a hiking adventure right now or it is in the planning, our Hike Training Courses, Masterclasses, Adventure Ready resources and Hike Fitness Programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge to guarantee you success and have the best time ever.

Also is there a way that I can change the author of the story? This one was written by Tricia, not me.


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