Meet our leader Jane MacDonald
Jane MacDonald

Adventure Host & Operations

I am Jane, a gypsy at heart and an intrepid traveller. I am into adventures- boots n’ all!

I was introduced to Women’s Fitness Adventures whilst organising a mother/ daughter event. I was on the Women’s Fitness Adventure’s web site and was very excited to see so many adventures so I signed up!

I am a lover of the outdoors and am always up for an adventure and a challenge. The world is there to be explored and enjoyed and although some days are more challenging than others the attachment to the outdoors simply makes for beautiful moments.

I grew up travelling, my dad was in the army and that meant moving! As an adult I have lived in England, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and The U.S.A. I moved to Malaysia with a suitcase and a job and returned 15 years later with a husband, 2 children and a shipping container. Yes, I collected a few things on the way!

I have trekked to Everest Base Camp, built houses in Cambodia, white water rafted, sea kayaked and travelled  to many destinations around the world. I am always trying to improve my wilderness skill set!

Always active and wanting to escape to the outdoors Women’s Fitness Adventures has given me that escape, if only for a morning to connect back to basics of life, it is always wonderful. I come home a happy mum with lots to talk about. The house may be a little messier but no one notices.

I am excited to be a host for Women’s Fitness  Adventures. I always look forward to meeting and trekking with the wonderful women who are also up for a little adventure – rain or shine , there is always beauty and always fun.

See you outdoors, Jane

Sam, Women's Fitness Adventures leader
Sam Howard-van Beek

Adventure Host

Hi I”m Sam

The outdoors have always featured as part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of camping in the bush, trekking through rainforests and climbing mountain trails. These pursuits have continued and now my children also share my love of nature.

Being outside in the elements has always been sensory experience for me. I love the smells, the sounds, the sights and the feelings evoked by being in nature. Nature takes me away from my everyday humdrum to a place where I have the freedom to focus on me and experience the wonders of our natural environment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hiking along a trail, or kayaking down a river, or sitting behind the break waiting for a wave. I enjoy it all. I always feel recharged and energised after these connections with the outdoors.

Women’s Fitness Adventures made it easier for me to get my outdoor fix. I didn’t have to think too much. I would simply book and strategically plan my escape from my work commitments and 4 children. The bonus was that I discovered a community of supportive like-minded women who are a joy to be around.

I can’t wait to meet you on your next adventure.

Jenny Power

Adventure Host

Hi, I’m Jenny.

Three years ago I semi-retired and have been out and about hiking on many Women’s Fitness Adventures multiday hikes ever since. My passions are for wildlife, photography, and nature and hiking lets me combine all of them. I love both the quiet time out on the track, as well as sharing laughter and stories with my fellow C.R.E.W. members.

I love adventure and travel – and watch out if there’s a waterhole – I will probably race you to get in first!